Abiyot Teklu

Dr. Abyiot Teklu: Abyiot Tekelu is a PhD in Rural Development Studies. He has expertise in Microsoft Office software packages (Word, Excel, Access), statistical analysis packages (SPSS,STATA, SAS), data collection and entry tools like Survey CTO, Kobo toolbox, ODK and CSPro. He is also an expert on Data management, Data analysis, and Data science. His thematic areas of research include climate change, climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate smart agriculture, climate resilience, adoption of innovations, rural livelihoods, and food security. He has published on an effectiveness of climate smart agriculture innovations in Ethiopia, effect of climate smart agriculture innovation on building climate resilience in Ethiopia Highlands, and multiple adoptions of climate smart agriculture innovations for agricultural sustainability. He also participated in many International and national workshops and conferences on climate change adaptation, world development, climate smart agriculture land, and climate change-related issues in Ethiopia. Working as an assistant professor at Addis Ababa University’s College of Development Studies, he is available for any assignments from EQUAL CONSULTING PLC. Abyiot Teklu can be reached at tedy1431@gmail.com.