Desalegn Amsalu

Desalegn Amsalu is PhD in Social Anthropology with a background in Law. He is a key researcher and general manager associated with EQUAL CONSULTING PLC.  He has an interesting mix of educational background in social sciences and law. Previously, Desalegn completed several national and international consultancy researches and training’s, most of which are related to conflict studies. He was a Senior Researcher and Analyst of conflict sensitivity for Global Affairs Canada. He completed “Conflicts in Ethiopia: A National Mapping Study from 2018-2022” for the Ministry of Peace – and completed several large scale research consultancy projects.  Moreover, Desalegn has handled trainings on some of the most difficult topics, i.e., minority rights in Ethiopia, and ethnicity and displacement in Ethiopia since the political “reform” in April 2018. Desalegn is also an associate professor at Addis Ababa University associated with the Institute of Ethiopian Studies and the Department of Social Anthropology. He has also served as the research head of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies. Desalegn has several academic publications in peer-reviewed international journals or equally reputable edited volumes on topics such as community based conflicts, the treatment of minorities in Ethiopia by the existing federal system and legal pluralism. Dr. Desalegn Amsalu can be reached at or